women who run with the wolves

    love yourself.


    …that us women are juggling way too much!  We’ve families to look after, households to keep, jobs and businesses to work… and also everything in between. Life is a blur of activity. We rush around all the time and put the needs of others ahead of our own…

    And on top of trying to stay afloat with everything that we have to do, many of us have learned to be our worst critic, always judging, never feeling like we’re good enough.

    start your journey.

    take the

    The first step to becoming the woman that you were meant to be and living the life that YOU want, is to start your journey of self-discovery and self-love. 


    For most of us women, the one thing that holds us back from living a life that we deserve, is feelings of fear, self-doubt and unworthiness.


    Whether it’s fear of not being “perfect”.  Fear of not doing it “right”. Fear of being judged. Fear of not fitting in. Fear of failure. Fear of failing our families. Fear of not “following the rules”… and the list goes on.


    And when we keep operating on this level, there will be a day, when we realise that we’re unhappy with where we’re in life. We feel lost and confused about who we’re. We may even question if the person who we’re with or the people who we have surrounded ourselves with, is right for us.  And we find that we’ve wasted all this time… not following our hearts.  


    You know the worse thing that could happen, is when we look back at the end of our life and realise that it wasn’t a life that we wanted for ourselves.



    So in this episode of the Wild Woman Run Free Podcast, learn how you can begin to let go of the negative thoughts, beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves….


    ..and begin the journey of self love, self worth and happiness.


    Enjoy this episode!

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