unleash the wild woman

    Negative feelings such as anger, resentment, jealousy, fear and sadness, all stem from the one thought “I’m not good enough”.

    So if you find yourself feeling these emotions in your every day life or if you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t serve you… whether it’s a toxic relationship, career or life path that you don’t even want for yourself, then this episode of the Wild Woman Run Free Podcast is for you.

    From a very young age, we are thrown into a school system, that compares us against others.

    We are constantly getting rewarded for our achievements.

    We get a pat on the head, when we are “good little girls”.

    We are taught  to do things to please others…

    …we conform to what society tells us we should do. So we can “fit in”.

    Some of us hide our true selves in the shadows, because we fear that if we shine the light and truly be who we are, no one will love us.

    Feeling of unworthiness or not feeling like we are good enough, are years of years of conditioning which is coded into our subconscious.

    This episode is part 1 of a series of episodes, that will help you restore your inner power, reconnect with your inner guide and awaken the inner Wild Woman In You.

    Learn the first step in how to heal your inner goddess or wild woman, so that you can confidently unleash your inner power in all aspects of your life.

    If you find that you base your value and self-worth, by who you know, what you do, how much money you make and how many likes you get on social media… it’s time to let go of the shackles that bind us to these negative emotions.

    This episode will help you on your journey to find self-love, find happiness within yourself, gain confidence in yourself and your abilities and how to live authentically and be true to who you are.

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    To our freedom x

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