power of affirmations

    WWRF 033:  The Power of Affirmations

    This week we will cover the final phase of the 3-step formula for prosperity, which is the Law of Command. 

    The concept of this particular law is to use affirmations, using powerful and definite words to declare what you want to the universe.

    And it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to produce results in your life.

    An affirmation is what you say and what you think and what we tell our selves, the words that we speak, whether it’s out loud or in our minds – can dramatically impact our lives. 

    Negative self-talk , can block abundance and prosperity. Positive affirmations can help us create a life of our dreams. 

    That’s why, being mindful of the negative talk that you have, is extremely vital, when it comes to creating a life that you love.

    In this episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast,  I will teach you techniques that will shift your energy completely and open up the gates to abundance.

    Whether it’s abundance in health, wealth or whatever you desire in your life. 

    Listen to the podcast and journal the amazing results that you will attract, as you co-create an abundant life with the universe. 


    To our freedom,

    Jov xoxo


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