WWRF 006: How To Create Massive Momentum in Business & In Life

    Hey Wild Woman!

    I don’t know about you, but do you ever find yourself with too many ideas and can’t seem to launch?

    Or do you find yourself launching your ideas, you’re going full steam ahead for a few weeks, if you’re lucky a few months… then all of a sudden lose momentum?

    Well if you answered yes to the above, well you’re in luck because this weeks episode we go through why this happens and I’ll walk you through the 4 steps, which will help you gain momentum and achieve your goals with less stress and overwhelm.

    If you’re anything like me and like most entrepreneurs, our minds are constantly fluctuating from one new idea to another and every new idea, brings about new projects and new tasks.

    Before we know it, we’re inundated with work… we launch things at a whim, we do everything half assed and then lack the consistency of following through.

    And we end up exhausted and we lose our fire, because it seems like that the harder we work, we’re not getting anywhere.

    Below are the 4 key elements that can help you achieve your mammoth goals and build massive momentum!

    1. Positive and Happy Mindset

    Did you know that it is scientifically proven that if you are a happier more positive person, the brain works significantly better and you’ll be more successful in really anything that you do?

    Working from a positive mindset, expands our awareness and our ability to take in more of our surroundings with an open, broader mindset.

    It allows us to build better relationships, it strengthens our resilience to challenges and it gives us more energy!

    Number 2. Have Focus

    As an entrepreneur you have more than likely at one point, felt overwhelmed in some form or another. Especially for those, who are just starting out , who may have come from a working background… still finding their “way” in business.

    One of the biggest things that cause overwhelm in business, is our big ideas!

    Ideas have the tendency to take you from one path to the next… and the more ideas you have, the more time you need to execute, which means… the more pressure you put on yourself, which leads to overwhelm.

    So find out how to have laser-like focus so you can build momentum in anything that you do.

     3. Be Consistent

    Another key to less overwhelm and less stress, is to take our massive goal and to break it up into little bite sized pieces. And each day, choose say 3 of those bite sized pieces and take action. (Depending on how much time you have to spend on your business).

    So instead of looking at your massive goal, and feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed by it, you take small steps on a consistent basis. You may not see results instantly, but if you execute small consistent actions, that will take you closer to your goals… and if you stay on that path, you can achieve it.

    In this episode, you will learn how little steps, lead to massive momentum!  Listen in to find out how.



    4. Have Belief

    The reason why people fail to achieve their goals, is because they get impatient, they lose hope, they lack the belief in their efforts and maybe even in themselves and they GIVE UP.

    The biggest challenge is that you have to keep working for a while, consistently before you can even see a payoff.

    The problem is… most of us, expect a payoff or instant gratification.

    And that’s why most businesses fail before they even get a chance to begin!


    On top of all this, that mind of ours is an endless chatter and more often than not it is detrimental to our success. It’s constantly telling us that we’re not good enough, or we’re not worthy… or that the actions we are taking may not be wise.

    The key is to ask yourself, is the steps that I’m taking moving me closer to my goal or away from my goal?

    If the answer is no, then stop what you’re doing! But if the answer is yes, then take those little steps and know that you will get there.

    So remember, that the key here is to work from a positive mindset, focus on the goal that you want to achieve, take consistent action and believe that you will achieve.

    When you’re consistent and taking each little step, with focus and discipline and with the belief, that success will come. Then you will build real and lasting success in anything that you do.

    So I hope you get a lot out of this Episode today. Once again, I look forward to hearing about your successes and how you have implemented these techniques into your life.

    If this has brought an ah-ha moment for you, please share this with others who it can benefit too.

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    So before I leave you today Wild Woman, I want you to know that there is no goal out there that is insurmountable. If it feels too big, then break it down into little bite sized chunks and take it slowly. As long as the steps you are taking are bringing you closer to your goal, then you’re going the right way, even if it feels like you’re not!

    So I challenge you to try it! Today, choose a goal that you’ve wanted to achieve that right now seems impossible. And let’s walk up that snowy mountain together!

    Until we meet again.

    Live Wild. Live Free. Wild Woman Run Free!


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