New Year;

    WWRF 021:  Your Incredible Year Unearthed

    Hey Wild Woman, welcome to the last episode of the Wild Woman Run Free Podcast for 2016! It has been such an honor to have you join me on this podcast. Today is the last day of 2016 and before we get into this episode, I really want to send you my heartfelt love and thanks for listening in to the Wild Woman Run Free podcast.

    It has been 4 months, we are now onto our 21st episode AND we have already built an amazing community of wild and passionate women, who are on their own unique wild journey.

    Women who are driven by purpose, with a dream to make a tremendous impact in the world that we live in.

    We are all so unique, yet are so similar in many ways. We lead with love and courage, we are out there leading the pack, juggling family life with careers or businesses. Driven to build a life of freedom.

    I feel extremely privileged to have you join the Wild Woman Run Free movement. If you haven’t yet joined us, you can join the community on the Wild Woman Run Free Facebook Group or sign up above!

    Thanks for all your support in 2016. I am really looking forward to spending more time with you in the New Year!

    This is the era of the Wild Woman. A breed of women who are ready to come out of the shadows and create the life that they love.

    I am truly inspired by you all and I am really looking forward to watching our community grow over the coming years.

    Ok, so this final episode is all about reviewing your 2016.

    This is a powerful exercise and particularly important, because women like us, are always just “doing” and getting things done, tackling challenge and roadblocks… juggling family life and loved ones with business or jobs. Most times we are so busy, being busy.. that we rarely take a moment to enjoy what we have actually accomplished! For most of us, we are just trying to get through the day, trying to stay afloat.

    Every task that we cross off our list, is always replaced with a new task.

    In modern society, our mentality is usually TASK DONE! Cross it off the list… NEXT! And because we do this, we think that we haven’t accomplished much, when in reality, we have accomplished many! (We just haven’t taken the time to acknowledge all our hard work. )

    Does that sound like you? It’s definitely something that I used to do!

    So, because this is the last day of 2016… today’s exercise is all about reflecting back on 2016 and writing down and acknowledging all the milestones that you’ve accomplished this year. It doesn’t have to be major either! It could be an accomplishment that you’re proud of, no matter how little it may seem.

    Your Incredible Year Unearthed

    Grab yourself a pen and paper and start jotting down all your accomplishments this year.

    Think of all the goals that you’ve achieved. All the big tasks that you managed to get off your task list. You may also want to write down, the things that you’ve learnt!

    Learning is an investment on yourself, so that’s an accomplishment in itself, so don’t forget to write that down!

    How have you impacted others? Did you write a blog and did you get some positive comments on how the blog affected your readers?

    Or did you finally got your head around online advertising or social media?

    Or have you launched a business this year? Written a book? Launched a podcast or a blog?

    Did you finish a course or other form of education? Or perhaps, you might have achieved the weight loss that you’ve always wanted to? Or did you commit to a health class this year… like yoga?

    Maybe your 2016 goals was around family? Have you focused more on your family this year? Spent more time and been more present?

    Take a moment, to review your life this year. Month by month, moment by moment and see just how much you have accomplished this year! And after you take that step back to review your life…. give yourself a massive pat on the back. Celebrate your success!

    Dance around, scream out loud if you want! And remember that YOU DID IT!

    Take pride in your work and all your achievements. Be happy with your efforts this year and move into the New Year, with a clean slate and a fresh new start.

    So, if you’re out tonight celebrating the New Year, remember all that you have accomplished and celebrate you! And think of me, celebrating YOU too, as I dance the night away on the beautiful South Coast of Australia.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year, wherever you are in this world Wild Woman. I’m looking forward to our journey together, as we take on life with courage and love in 2017.

    Thanks again for joining me on this day, it’s Joveline Head signing off for 2016. Live Wild Live Free, Wild Woman Run Free! Party on baby!!!


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