How to overcome procrastination

    How to Overcome Procrastination and get stuff done

    If you are struggling to get your passion projects up and running... or you find that you're procrastinating on the stuff that you "should" complete... then this episode is for you.

    So you’ve had that amazing project on your plate for some time now. 

    You’ve wanted it for so long…

    You’ve dreamt about doing it…

    You know that your heart wants it…

    But somehow, you keep managing to put it off.

    Something always “comes up” that stops you from taking the action that you know your heart is telling you to take.

    You prioritise other things…

    You always find a way to PROCRASTINATE. 

    And you hate yourself for it. You feel guilty for not doing the “one thing” that you know is right for you.

    And days… weeks or maybe even years go by and you’re still back where you started! You’ve not made any progress. The dream is still there, but the negative emotions just keep getting worse. 

    So how the hell do you move forward from this?

    How do you take action towards your dreams?

    How do you finally complete those tasks and achieve your goals?

    Listen to this episode of the Wild Woman Run Podcast and learn how YOU can overcome procrastination and be MORE PRODUCTIVE and TAKE ACTION today!

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