do you need a business plan

    get your ideas down on paper & launch your dream business!

    Whether you plan to launch your dream business or whether you want to organise your current business, writing a business plan is the perfect way to get your ideas down on paper.

    Hey girlfriend!  I see the fire that’s inside of you. I know you’re ready. You have something amazing that you want to offer to the world and you’re ready to answer your calling.

    So where on earth do you start?

    The answer…?

    Start with a business plan baby!  

    What is a Business Plan and why is it so important?

    Well… think of your business plan, as a special document that collates all your business ideas and literally a roadmap that will clear the path to launching and building a successful business that you love.

    A business plan includes information such as your business overview, your sales and marketing plan – how you’re going to build your business, your financial goals and how you plan to operate your business.

    There are many ways to tackle how to write a business plan, but in this episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast you can learn how to write a complete and extraordinary  business plan, with less hassle and ease.

    And… with a little more fun! 

    So make sure to download the FREE Business Plan Template that I’ve provided and let’s get started baby!!!

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