WWRF 050: 21 Ways To Living Authentically

by joveline
WWRF 050: 21 Ways To Living Authentically

Unhappiness , can happen when we are not living our authentic truth. We become disconnected with our true selves, our relationships and with the world around us. 

We can spend all of our lives, trying to “fit in”, trying to satisfy our “more, more, more!” mentality so we can be better, look better or fill that empty void within us.  If only I had that “sports car”, I’d feel good about myself.  If only I was in a relationship, I’ll be a happier person. If only I had more money…I’d feel more worthy.

We believe that if we have “more”….  happiness comes along with it. Yet in the end, if we can’t find happiness within ourselves, if we can’t find worth when we gaze at the person looking back at us in the mirror and if we rely on external things to make us happy… then how do we achieve true happiness?

And how do we live our lives authentically? Where we are following our hearts and we are not driven by how others see us or expect from us.  Where we are not afraid to have a voice? When we are free from the negativity thoughts that bind us? When we aren’t stumbling through life, feeling lost and alone?  When life has meaning and purpose?  When your intuition is guiding us? Where you love yourself and all that we are entirely?

Sometimes, all it takes is the awareness. Once we have that, we can start our journey back to ourselves.

How to live authentically?  Check out this week’s episode of Wild Woman Run Free – 21 ways to live authentically.  

Enjoy the episode!


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