WWRF 049: Confessions Of An Inauthentic Woman

by joveline
WWRF 049:  Confessions Of An Inauthentic Woman

You are powerful.  You are incredible. You are perfect.  You are divine.

How much of this do you believe about yourself?

When you read these words, do believe it?  Or do you feel the weight of self-judgement or unworthiness? 

When you look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see?  Do you see the whole you or do you see the false character that you’ve made up?  

Are you living your true authentic self, or are you living your life based on what other’s expect of you?

By understanding and becoming aware of what it’s like to live in-authentically, we begin our journey of self-discovery.

For many of us, it’s a life-long struggle. From a very young age, we are led to believe that if we only talked, walked and looked this way, we would be accepted. We mould ourselves into these false characters and we convince ourselves that those characters are us, yet… it’s far from the truth!

It won’t be long before one day we realise that we are a long way away from who we truly are and that’s when we feel disconnected, lost, fearful and uninspired. 

On this episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast, I encourage you to learn the first step to living an authentic life and that is AWARENESS.

How can YOU be aware of YOUR false self?  How do you know when you’re LIVING IN-AUTHENTICALLY?  How do you know that you’re living your life based on your ego and when you’re following your heart?

When you become aware of what it’s like to live in-authentically, you’ll discover when to shift gears, so you can start living a more authentic life. 

Enjoy the podcast!


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