WWRF 045: The Incredible Power of Slowing Down

by joveline
WWRF 045: The Incredible Power of Slowing Down

So you find yourself juggling many things at once, you’re running around breathless on fight or flight mode.  You feel like you don’t have enough hours in a day to do what you need to do, you prioritise your work, your business and others… before your mental or physical health… because you tell yourself, that you “don’t have time” for these things.

You’re always thinking that if you just worked harder, you’ll be able to achieve everything that you’re searching for! But you find, that each day brings your further and further away from your dreams.

You’re stressed, your short-tempered… you have absolutely NO PATIENCE with anything or anyone around you. You feel guilty when you have a moment to sit down, you feel guilty when you exercise, you feel guilty taking time out.  Hell, you feel guilty ALL THE TIME.

You have a million and one things that you MUST DO in your mind… and you feel exhausted every single day. You’re stressed, you’re fearful of the future… and you’re always anxious.

Does this sound like you?

If so, listen to this week’s episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast, because we are going to talk about the Incredible Power of Slowing Down.

Learn why it’s so important to slow down and how this can completely transform your life and everything around you!

Enjoy the episode!  xoxo

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