WWRF 044: Trust In Yourself…The Answer Is Within You

by joveline
WWRF 044:  Trust In Yourself…The Answer Is Within You

Do you feel lost and disconnected?

Do you find that you’re living your life, based on others’ expectations?

Maybe you’re full of doubt and anxiety about what you truly want in your life?

If so, then today’s episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast may help you find your way.

Every day we’re making choices…. whether the choices are made with our heads or made with our intuition. It is these choices that help us on our journey of life.

Unfortunately, most of the time, we ignore what we truly want. We procrastinate. We don’t make the choices that we know deep down we should be making. We are fearful, we are anxious about our future…

All because we listen to our ego (our monkey mind) and not our inner voice (our intuition). 

Our intuition.  

At the most deepest level, we are directed by this incredible power, a force that literally changes and shapes our world. But at the same time, it is so obscure that we sometimes forget that it’s there or we disconnect from our selves and we lose trust in how we feel.

Instead, we do what others’ expect from us and we do things to be accepted and loved. And along the way, we lose sight of what we want and disconnect with who we are.

In this episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast, you will learn how to trust in yourself and tap into the wisdom that’s inside you all along. 

Enjoy the episode!

To our freedom,

Joveline xoxo






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