WWRF 043: Your Road To A Freedom Lifestyle

by joveline
WWRF 043:  Your Road To A Freedom Lifestyle

Hello and welcome back to the Wild Woman Run Free podcast. I love to be able to talk to you once again around the topic of creating a life of freedom and running a freedom-based business. If you’ve been listening to my podcasts, you know how passionate I am about this topic. 

There are many ways to create the ultimate lifestyle that you love. You just need to find the path or business that’s right for you.

When I was doing my own soul searching, I knew without a doubt that I wanted: FREEDOM.

I didn’t want to answer to a boss any longer. I didn’t want someone else to dictate where I spent my time or how much I should be getting paid or when I could spend time with my family.

I wanted to be free so that I had ultimate control of my time and my life. So that I could travel whenever I wanted. So that I never, ever, ever have to feel guilty about taking time off of work.

Today on this week’s podcast, I want to share a beautiful story that I read called the Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges. This story opened my eyes up to the POSSIBILITY of FREEDOM.

Most of us have been brought up to think that we should go to school, get good grades, so we can get a good job and work for the rest of our lives. Just like our parents did. But I can assure you, there is another way!

This story will give you a profound understanding on why you should consider setting up your income generating activities for freedom. So I hope you learn from these LIFE CHANGING lessons and enjoy this story as much as I did.

Know that it is possible to build your freedom while you’re working a full-time job. If you own your own business, it’s possible also to set it up so that you’re making residual income.

It is possible to have freedom! It is possible to sack your boss. It is possible to spend time with your family whenever you want to. It is possible to travel the world. It is possible to have anything you want and to have ultimate control of your life.

The most important thing to realise is that if you get the right infrastructure in place now, you can set yourself up for freedom. However, it does take time and effort.  

And, yes it may seem like you’re working longer and harder than everyone else, and you may not have freedom now…

But if you keep at your goals… and keep working towards it and prioritising everything you do for freedom… you will benefit from the rewards later.

And while everyone is slaving away at their jobs till their 70, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour and make money while you enjoy your life!

So remember, owning and running a freedom-based business, takes time and work! But, if you set it up right and if you put in the effort, you can have freedom in all ways possible.

Enjoy the podcast!

To our freedom,



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