WWRF 041: Breaking Through Your Money Blocks

by joveline
WWRF 041:  Breaking Through Your Money Blocks

Last week we uncovered all the different ways that we could be sabotaging ourselves in relation to money. 

This week, on the Wild Woman Run Free podcast, we talk about some techniques to help you overcome these money blocks so that you can release your limiting beliefs, raise your vibration and attract more money into your life.

Your beliefs become your reality. When you say you “Can’t afford it” or “Making money is too hard.” You’re right. Even if you consciously want more. When we have great dreams and intentions to make more money,  but we aren’t vibrationally aligned to it, we cause confusion. This confusion, stops the flow of abundance and we wonder why it is that we’re always broke, or we work hard and still struggle financially.

So grab yourself a notebook and pen because this episode is full of value bombs! It’s time you learn, how to chip away at your money blocks and set yourself up for freedom!

Enjoy the episode!

Jov xxx

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