WWRF 040: Uncover Your Money Sabotage

by joveline
WWRF 040: Uncover Your Money Sabotage

Money.  We think about it, we dream about it, we long to have more….. because let’s face it…. money provides comfort. Money can give us a roof over our head. Money puts food on the table. It puts clothes on our back. Money sends our children to school. Money helps us travel. Money gives us freedom.

So it’s no wonder that money can put extreme burdens on our lives. It’s no wonder that the feelings that we have which are associated with money, can actually hinder our progress of attracting money into our lives.

Now you may be a position where money is flowing freely in your life, or you might be struggling every day.

The truth is, we attract whatever we put our attention on, whether it’s wanted or unwanted. How we think, what we say and in particular how we feel, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously can completely block us from money.

Consciously, you want more money. However, if you’re struggling to attract more money into your life, or if you’re finding it to be a constant uphill battle,  your subconscious money blocks may be sabotaging and blocking the flow.

In this episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast, we uncover the common reasons why we have money blocks, what to be mindful of your life and how important it is to vibrationally align with our dreams. 

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