WWRF 037: Connecting With Your Intuition Your GPS For Life

by joveline
WWRF 037: Connecting With Your Intuition Your GPS For Life


On this week’s episode of the Wild Woman Run Free podcast, we discuss how you can develop and connect deeply with your intuition, and use it as a GPS for your life, so that you can make better decisions and live an empowered and inspired life.

Intuition, is the deep knowing within ourselves, without conscious reasoning.

It is the whisper or voice that we hear, when we are searching for an answer.

It is our higher consciousness. The Wisdom of our higher self.

In order to live the life that we want and love and in order to make decisions based from our intuition and not our head, we MUST learn to trust it.

So the question is, how do you really know the difference between your intuition and ego?

And how, can we tap into our intuition, so that we can make better life and business decisions?

In this episode, we are going to tackle these questions.

You’ll learn about the power of intuition and how it can change your life and everything that you do, once you learn how to deeply connect and trust it. I’ll also teach you a simple meditation technique that will help you tap into your higher self instantly.

So to get started, listen to this episode 037 and let me know what you think! If you love this episode, please head on over to iTunes and Stitcher and leave a review. Your support, would be greatly appreciated!














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