WWRF 031: How To Choose A Perfect Business Name

by joveline
WWRF 031:  How To Choose A Perfect Business Name

Choosing a business name is one of the most vital decisions that you will ever have to make, when starting your own business. It determines your overall branding, your marketing message and it can certainly influence your potential clients’ buying decisions! 

It can affect your search engine optimisation, whether you are found on social media channels.  It can even repel or generate interest around the products and services that you offer. A business name can really be a game changer!

When you’re in the middle of this decision process, you may find yourself, constantly wondering which business name to choose!  You may be asking yourself, whether it’s best to create a “business name” or to use your own “personal name” or you may be so afraid of making the wrong decision, you’re not making any decisions at all!

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Which is why, today on the Wild Woman Run Free podcast, I’ll cover:

  1. The benefits of creating a business under a “business name” or your “personal name”.
  2. The steps that I’ve taken personally, to choose a business name
  3. And finally, the 17 tips and mistakes to avoid when choosing your perfect business name

Remember, it really doesn’t have to be hard and if you follow the steps that I talk about on the podcast, you’ll be sure to set your feet on the right path!

Enjoy the episode!


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P.S.  I’d love to hear about the different business names that you come up with, so please feel free to send us a comment below and share!  

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