WWRF 019 – Project ZERO: How To Tame Your InBox

by joveline
WWRF 019 – Project ZERO: How To Tame Your InBox

This podcast episode is for all you women out there, who have been struggling to tame your email inbox!

Are your emails increasing faster than you can delete? Do you feel that you have lost complete control of your inbox? 

Does starting 2017 with ZERO emails in your inbox sound good to you?

Don’t worry girlfriend, my in-box is way out of control too! (Well it was anyway). There was a point this year, when I checked my emails and it was sitting at well over 10,000 emails! 10,000!!! How crazy is that! Originally, I used to use my inbox as a task list, but it got so out of control, that every day I would just quickly skim over the subject headings, read what I needed to read and then leave the rest sitting there.

One thing that I learnt this year, is that when my life is cluttered, my brain is cluttered. The more mess in my workspace, the more mess in my head.  The more mess, the more stress! And it can get so overwhelming! 

So for the past month, I, my friends, made the decision to tame my in-box! That’s right! It was time to de-clutter my life. And my goal is to have zero, that’s right, ZERO emails in my inbox by 1 January 2017.

Because a new year, means a fresh start! New beginnings.

So, today, in this podcast, I invite you to join me on Project zero. Let’s kick off a Wild 2017 with a clean in-box!

Does that sound good to you?

Well let’s get on with it!

So where do we even begin?

For me, one of the reasons why my in-box gets so out of control, is because I like subscribing and learning from other leaders.

If I get introduced to someone I like or someone who inspires me, I’ll subscribe to his or her newsletters, webinars and videos. And because I follow so many inspiring entrepreneurs, I collect quite a few emails on a daily basis from them. Sometimes, I just can’t get on top of everything that I subscribe to.

Another reason why my inbox is so out of control, is because when it comes to my emails, I have bad habits!

I’m always thinking, I’ll keep this just in case… hahaha!

Does this sound like you?

So I use my emails as a filing system… just in case I need it in the future! How bad is that huh?

So… I’m going to walk you through a quick process, on the steps that I have taken to tame my in-box. From 10,000 emails to now about 1,200. I know that’s still a lot, but you know what I’m making progress! And the more I make progress, I feel the load on my shoulders, getting lighter and lighter.

So what steps have I taken? Let me walk you through them…


Step 1. Scroll through your emails and list down all the mailing lists that you have joined, which you are no longer interested in.

Step 2. Unsubscribe to these mailing lists by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of the emails.

Step 3. Conduct a search on that particular mailing list. Eg. You could search the email address or the name of the person.

Step 4. Then select all the emails that come up in the search and DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! Every time you do this, feel how liberating it is! It’s very addictive! hahaha

Step 5.   The emails that I do want to keep, I create folders and archive them into these folders. Eg. If there is a mailing list that I want to keep subscribing to, I’ll create a folder and I’ll move or archive all those emails into its respective folder.

Keep doing this and before you know it, you’ll have a clean in-box! And with a clean inbox, comes a clear mind.

Now remember though, that you don’t need to do this all at once and a zero inbox won’t happen overnight! Especially if you’re sitting on thousands of emails too!

I don’t want you feel overwhelmed and then get to a point where you don’t want to cull anymore. So, please treat this project like a work in progress.

Do what you can, when you can. But try to set yourself some goals. Give yourself a deadline. For me, like I mentioned it’s the 1st of January 2017, but …. it may be different for you.

And instead of getting your emails to zero, maybe you want to cull your emails to 1000 emails less than what you have sitting in your in-box?

Whatever works for you! If you want to do it in one sitting, then good for you! Or if you want to clean it over the next month… then you can do that too.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress! If you want to share your story and inspire others, feel free to do so and leave a comment below.  If this podcast has been useful, please send me a review on iTunes or Stitcher. I would really love to hear your thoughts.

Ok, well I’m off to do some Christmas shopping. Can’t wait to hear all about your Project Zero adventures. Thanks again for joining me girlfriend and until we meet again, live wild, live free, Wild Woman Run Free. 

To a wonderful life!


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