WWRF 012: 8 Life Lessons Learnt

by joveline
WWRF 012: 8 Life Lessons Learnt

So yesterday, I took our eldest daughter Cora on a surprise excursion.

Every Sunday, we used to make it a weekly habit, to go out and do an activity, where we had to face our fears. Or do something that challenged us mentally and physically.

And we hadn’t done it for a while. So I decided to take her to this place called Treetop Adventures. Out on the South Coast of Sydney.

Since I’ve always had a love of trees and enjoy climbing them…

I thought, why don’t we go ziplining?

Now for those of you who don’t know what ziplining is, you basically stand on a platform high up in the trees and you have this harness around your body, with 2 hooks and a pulley.

You attach these hooks and pulley to a metal cable, which is attached to the next tree 200 metres below. And to launch off, you basically step off the platform and hope to god the thing holds you. And you ride it all the way down to the next tree.

It’s kinda like you’re gliding through the trees.

I thought it would be fun you know.

So we went.

Little did I know, that it was going to be one of the most challenging things I’d ever done!

So the way it works is, you have 4 main levels, starting with the Green, then Blue, then Red, then Black. Black being the hardest.

Green is the easiest. You start quite low to the ground and you walk through an obstacle course, in and around the trees.

I was already pretty nervous, even though it was the easy level. I just didn’t know what to expect… as we climbed from one activity to the next.

The whole obstacle course is a made up of 100 sections. Some where you had to walk across mental cables… climbed nets that were suspended in the air, we swung on tarzan ropes…we climbed swinging ladders… and the further we got… the more physically and mentally challenging it was.

And worse than that, we went higher and higher and higher into the trees.

So not only did each section get harder, the fact that it was getting higher and higher, made the experience even more nerve wracking. To be honest. It was friggin scary!!!

All the while, my heart was pounding in my chest.

And to make matter worse, every time we finished a section of the course, we felt elated… but then it was onto the next challenge and then the fear set in again.

It was like a rollercoaster ride. Elation. Fear. Elation. Fear. Elation. Fear.

And, it didn’t help that while we were up there, we saw other people freaking out too.

So not only did we face the challenge of the actual activity before us, we also had to ignore the thoughts going through our heads.

You know the recurring shit, shit, shit… Or the thoughts of “I can’t do this.”

We had to ignore everything that was going on around us and just face our fears and keep going.

So anyway, we were up there for 3 hours, so I had some time to think too and keep my mind occupied.

So while I was up there… I was thinking… wow… this course is a representation of LIFE.

I tell you why?

  1. There were some challenges that were easier than others. Just like what you would experience in life.
  2. There were some that just stopped you dead in your tracks. Just like life.
  3. There were some challenges that made you want to run.
  4. Some that made you think Fck it.
  5. Some that made you feel elated and free!

And I also realized, that every time we conquered an extremely hard challenge, the feeling of elation was just as high too.

So, I thought, I’d talk about this in today’s podcast. Change it up a little bit.

What did I learn yesterday, that I can take away with me in life? Here’s a few tips of advice for you ladies.

  1. Being in the moment, is like being in flow with the universe. Life is a hell of a lot more colourful and joyful, when you are feeling and living in the NOW.
  2. Fear can take over you and control you if you let it. Don’t give yourself time to feel fear too deeply. Don’t think about it too hard, because it will paralyse you. When you feel the fear, face the challenge straight away before you can even think about it some more. You will find that it will disappear in the doing.
  3. I learnt that our negative self talk, can be instantly switched into a positive. So when your mind is telling you, I can’t do this, I can’t do this… shit shit shit… You can instantly replace it with, ok, how am I going to do this? Or how am I going to find my way around this. You will find that by thinking this way, you will always find your way around any challenge.
  1. Sometimes it’s easier to just say “Stuff it! Let’s do it.” And then deal with the consequences later. But only for the good!
  2. For every challenge you accomplish, take the time to celebrate. No matter how big or small!
  3. Challenges that give you an adrenalin rush, are the greatest challenge of all. Take them on and you’ll be amazed by what you can do!
  4. Trust in yourself always. When life feels like it’s not going your way and it deals you with difficult challenges, trust in your intuition and your gut instinct. It’s never wrong.
  5. And last but not least, always search for adventure. The most memorable moments in your life, are the adventures you take on.

And that’s my word of advice for today ladies!

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Thanks again for sharing your time with me Wild Woman. May your life be full of amazing adventures and until next week, live wild, live free, Wild Woman Run Free!

See ya later!

With love,


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