WWRF 001: The Tour of Wild Woman Run Free

by joveline
WWRF 001:  The Tour of Wild Woman Run Free

Wild Woman, it’s Joveline Head here, the founder and host of Wild Woman Run Free, where you can live your passion, find your purpose and create your freedom.

So, in this particular episode you will learn a little bit about me and I will also take you on a tour of Wild Woman Run Free. Not only is Wild Woman Run Free a podcast, it’s also a community and resource dedicated to all you women out there, who have a dream of running and owning your own business.

Whether you’ve only thought about it, or whether you’re already a seasoned veteran, this podcast is for you.

Are you a woman who is looking for:

  1. Personal growth… Do you ask yourself, “How am I growing as a human being, how can I improve myself?”
  2. Are you sick of climbing the corporate ladder and looking for something more meaningful?
  3. Do you want to feel fulfilled. Do you want to make a difference?
  4. Do you dream of owning your own business, so you can have more control in my life.
  5. Do you want freedom, so that I can work around your children and your family?
  6. Do you want to monetise your passions?
  7. Do you feel a deep inner calling, to feel connected to others.
  8. And most of all, do you want to be happy?

I can help you with that. In Wild Woman Run Free, I will be covering the main topics you need to know to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

First topic is all about the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s so crucial to work on your mindset, because what you think determines whether you succeed or fail in business. Our mind is a very powerful thing and the way we think about business or even the way we think about ourselves, will reflect externally. So strengthening the mindset is very important.

I will cover techniques on how to strengthen your mindset, so you can overcome any challenges that life throws your way. I will also help you work through releasing your money sabotage and other barriers that are holding you back from living your full potential. The benefits of this, will be more confidence and self assurance.

Next, I’ll be covering the How To’s on starting a business from scratch. From choosing a business name, the look and feel of your brand, how to register a business, choosing your website domain, pricing, packaging and more. I will deliver the tips via podcast and I will also be delivering free webinar workshops. So definitely join the mailing list on www.wildwomanrunfree.com to receive updates!

Then there’s the marketing! I’ll be covering techniques on how to grow and market your business. These techniques will range from face to face networking, to online advertisements, webinars and organic marketing such as podcasts or blogs.

And finally, I will be tackling the Law of Attraction. Now this is woo woo and spiritual section, that I’m really fascinated with. Keep an open mind with this one, because this aspect of manifesting all the things that you want in your life, really works!

Here, I will delve into the metaphysical techniques. Just like the movie the Secret, I will teach you in-depth secrets passed down from generation to generation. As a certified Law of Attraction facilitator, I will teach you meditations, visualisations and how you can attract and manifest abundance into your life.

I’ll teach you the power of intent and how to raise your vibration, so you can create the life that you want, whether it’s a successful business or loving relationships. I will teach you all the Universal Laws, so you can deliberately use these laws to align yourself to what you want.

And I’ll also teach you how to tap into your emotional guidance system, so you can learn to follow your intuition rather than your monkey mind.

So check out the Podcast Episode below and leave a comment 🙂

And let’s get connected! If you want to join the Wild Woman Tribe, join the mailing list and community!  We also have a Wild Woman Run Free Facebook Group to help you connect with other Wild Women out there. Send us your request to join and I’ll add you. You can also follow me on my Facebook page, Joveline Head.

If you want to hear more from me and from other inspired and successful entrepreneurs out there, you can subscribe to the Wild Woman Run Free Podcast on iTunes, Blackberry or Zune, or you can access it on this website.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to post some comments!

Unleash the Wild In You,

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