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When it comes to helping you start your freedom-based business, I'm your gal!

I’m a business coach, freedom business strategist and serial entrepreneur. I teach women entrepreneurs how to launch and build online freedom-based businesses. 

My teaching approach comes from 10 years of experience launching multiple businesses and teaching others how to do it too. I have helped entrepreneurs around the world, build businesses that provide financial independence, time freedom and location freedom.

A multi-passionate freedom-lover, my husband and have launched thriving freedom-based businesses. Our businesses range from an Airbnb business, to running retreats on a tropical island, to selling passion based products online and helping others create a life on their own terms!


I believe that women have the potential to create and live the life of their dreams. If we believe in ourselves, we CAN have it all. Whether it’s love, family, a creative venture, a passion project or a business that provides a sense of personal empowerment, independence and freedom.

Joveline Head



Published author of In The Spirit of Bliss, which I co-authored with inspiring entrepreneurs and motivational speakers such as OPRAH Winfrey, Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup For The Soul), Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy and other inspirational coaches.

This book is a must read to inspire, empower and support your personal transformation to a life that flows with ease and grace. 

You’ll find inspiring stories from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, motivational leaders, success mentors and coaches, as you learn how they pushed through their challenges and overcome odds to experience success beyond their wildest imaginings.

For your copy, you can purchase it in the SHOP section.

When I was young...

my parents migrated to Australia with a briefcase and a dream.  That dream was to leave a life of poverty in the Philippines and move to Sydney to give my brother and I an opportunity for a better life, a better education and a better future.

And although they achieved their goals, unfortunately, that dream had a cost. And that cost, was the cost of time. 

You see, in order to put a roof over our head and clothes on our backs, my parents worked all the time. That meant, that they weren’t able to spend quality time with us.

Because of their hard work, they had to make sacrifices and those sacrifices meant, not being present in our lives. Not being there to drop us off or pick us up from school. Not being there, when we had school performances or finals in sports. Not being there to patch us up when we got hurt, or console us through a dark storm.

Living in this society, we are taught that the only way to survive is to work hard at school, get a good job and work for the rest of your life… while sacrificing time with our loved ones.

I am here to let you know that there is another way!  And, you don’t have to sacrifice your time, your family, your health or your lifestyle to get there.

Before kids...

like many of us, I got caught up climbing the corporate ladder for a fortune 500 company, working 50 hours a week in a tiny little cubicle. 

I barely saw the sun. 

The only thing that kept me sane, were the travel photos I had stuck on the wall, of all the places I had visited over the years.

My boss called the shots on when I could take time off, how much I got paid and when I should work.  Each year the only thing I had to look forward to was my 4 weeks of holiday! Yay!  Not.

And then I had kids.

And that changed it all. 

The realisation that if I continued on my path, I would have to put them through the same childhood that I had. And so began my search for a better way.

After the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” made it’s way into my hands, my life changed. I found a way to make an income through business. Thus, catapulting my life as an entrepreneur.

In the past 9 years, I launched:

– A direct sales business allowing me to earn passive income, every week. In the process it gave me the opportunity to help thousands of people world-side start a business too.

– An Airbnb business that makes us a substantial income, working 15 minutes a day 

– A retreat business that allows us to work from a tropical island twice a year

– An online Shopify business selling products that I absolutely adore

And, finally a service based coaching business, that allows me to live my purpose, helping women find passion, purpose and freedom through business!

And now, I determine when I work. I’m present whenever my kids need me. We take holidays whenever we want. I can work from wherever I choose. No-one will ever decide how we live our lives or how much money we pay ourselves EVER AGAIN. 

We have FREEDOM. 

And this is my dream FOR YOU.

If you have the same dream too... join me on this journey!

If you’ve come this far, you’re no doubt like me: a freedom-lover, an independent thinker, an action-taker and someone who is motivated enough to take responsibility for their life and the life of their family!

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you create a business and life that you deserve, so you can follow your passion and make a difference in this world.

So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready girlfriend?

Let’s do it!


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